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If you're thinking about eloping, then count me in!

Elopements are where the magic happens. The beauty is putting together one (two, or three) amazing day(s), 100% unique to the couple. Your committing your lives to one another, and that's so beautiful! On your anniversary, every single year, for the rest of your lives, you'll look back and think about the gorgeous moments, and the great adventure.

I'm here to help you create this adventure of yours! Lets face the facts: I don't just photograph the two of you. I'm here to help you find the most gorgeous place you want to say your vows, and help you plan a bad ass day. Want to go across the world for your elopement? *double thumbs up!* Lets do it! Add a little bit of magic to the images? A little fine art here and there? Yes, and yes!

New Hampshire Elopement First Dance in a Waterfall

Is Eloping Something You're Thinking About?

I am your adventure elopement photographer!

Big weddings can be stressful, full of family drama, and sometimes, just a big party with fancy stuff just to impress the guests. Sometimes a big wedding just isn't about the couple anymore, and more for the guests.

So you've decided to elope! Now what? Now, the fun starts!

Now you have the chance to:

  • Actually focus on you two, and your love on the day you get married.
  • Create a wedding day that reflects on who you are as a couple.
  • Leave behind the anxiety, stress, and the pressure to dazzle half the people you don't even know.

Intimate Weddings

I travel all throughout the East Coast, Colorado, and all the way to California, for elopements, and cozy (or crazy) intimate weddings. Want a destination wedding in Scotland? Yeess!! Lets!

Intimate weddings are all about the sizes of the hearts of the people that are attending. Big weddings aren't your thing! I'm so about your big day in any size, shape, or form!

Are you thinking about getting married at an A-frame cabin? I love it! Want to send your closest friends and family across the world? I'm about it!

Searles Castle Wedding Windham, NH

Capturing Memories

Heeeyy! I'm Krystalle (pronounced Crystal, I know, parents.) I'm an elopement photographer based out of Northeast, New England area. Leicester, MA to be exact, but for you, I'll go to the moon! I'm here to create awesome adventures with the people with kind hearts, and bad ass dreams. I'm here to help you plan, throw some crazy ideas that might make you think, 'This girl is crazy' or 'Where have you been all of our lives?' (I'll let you decide) I'm also a sucker for fine art photos.

More about Krystalle

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