If you're dreaming about 'Dark and Moody' and 'Vintage' all in one, then pin these to your board! Dreamt up by Through the Evergreen, this editorial—set at a Historical school in Denver is full of history, and defiantly Dark and Moody. Two dresses to fit the vintage vibe, and the historical building provided a richness in texture and color backdrop that also fit a masculine feel.

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To make sure it fit the 'Dark and Moody', I first searched for a location that had textured walls. Bricks mostly, or metal, but still let in some light. Cement, or old wooden creaky floorboards. A building that held history. I wanted to feel romance in a rustic beautiful place. What I really was looking for was 'Fine Art' in a dark place. That's what I think about when I think of 'dark and moody'. I wanted to be able to take an image, that could have been a painting in a castle, but I was going to settle for a 1900's wedding feel once I found this old historical school. It was perfect.

There are plenty of ways to find the perfect venue for you. Search pinterest! Instagram, and facebook also helps. But also ask your photographer! Your photographer has lots of connections. Ask them if they know of any places they might know of. Let them know what you're looking for, share ideas, and your pinterest/mood board.

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Once I found the location, that's when I decided on the table decorations. The sweetheart farm table, chairs, and couch were from The Prefect Touch. I went out and bought the candles, wine bottles, and plate chargers. I thought the empty wine bottles and candles were perfect for the moody feel. You need to make sure you find a venue that'll allow you to have lit candles inside of the building, and you'll need to make sure the candles fit inside of the bottles. We had to carve out the bottom of the candles to make them fit. When looking for your wedding rentals, first check with your venue. They may already have farm tables. If not, find a rental company that has the tables you are looking for. The decorations that accommodate your view. To really go all out, you might look into separate rental companies. Some companies don't provide a grand array of china, but there are some companies specialize in just that! If you're going for a micro wedding, consider buying black plates from the dollar tree! Honestly, no one would be able to tell!

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I had two dresses. One from Claire Pettibone, a designer who has amazing dresses that fit the vintage, old times, fine art feel. It is still one of my most favorite dresses to this day. A high collar, and lace sleeves. If you want to go all out with the vintage vibe, check out some of the dresses.

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The florals by Snow Berry Floral were so unique, and beautiful. Both the Cake Vendor (Data Cakes Database), and the florist added blood red oranges, and to the other bouquet, a pear! I think adding fruits to your floral, and cakes really adds to a moody feel, especially for fall. When looking into your floral company, I can tell you, that most florists love bright colors. That isn't bad! With the right photographer, they can tone down the brightness, but still give your bouquet life because of those bright colors. Consider the season as well. Some florists only get their florals from local places. But if you're after specific flowers to fit into your moody bouquet, like thistles, or anemones, you'll need to make sure that they can order these online, or you may have to order them yourself, and have your florist arrange them. Don't forget, berry branches really add to the mood.

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Wedding invites is some of the very first looks into your wedding planning process that your guests get to see. They get a feel of what to expect, the vibe, the work. When talking with TS Calligraphy about my inspiration, I really expressed the Moodiness.

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To achieve the 'Dark and Moody' photos you're after, you need to find a photographer who is about that style! Find a photographer who uses unique poses that projects the energy you're after. These images were all photographed by Through The Evergreen

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