These Photos Will Last Forever

Other than the photographer's style, what you wear will also determine what your photos are going to look like. Here are some do's and dont's on what to wear:


-Dress in layers that highlight movement. Long flowy skirt, or a gorgeous dress. Long coats.

-Match in style, dress & Dress shirt, or Cozy warm sweater & Cozy Coat. Laid back & laid back. Dress to impress & Dress to impress.

-Shoes that say 'I'm pretty cool looking'


-Contrast your outfit with neutral colors in light and dark tones

-If you want a more laid back feel, dress what feels right! Just add a little pop.

-Wear something comfortable! If your outfit is too tight, or you feel too exposed, or just doesn't feel right, don't wear it! I always thrive to have my couples feel their best!

-Steam Or Iron The Outfits Ahead Of Time


-Don't have totally clashing outfits. If one is wearing something fancy, the other should match in feel. I often see a gorgeous dress, and then the other will be wearing basketball shoes, and a clashing color tank, and it throws the whole image off

-Don't match to the T. Have similar tones, similar colors! Gone are the days where everyone dresses the same for a photoshoot session.

-Old matted winter coats. Old garments that look old with holes, matted fur hoods, or ripped sleeves just make your photos look a little warewolf-ish.

-One I'm not a fan of, but when it can be pulled off, it looks great! Prints. It's a hit or miss! Print on dresses can sometimes look strange, but sometimes it just fits, however, big words and images on shirts hardly ever come out looking like something magical, which is what we're all going for!

Photo Outfit Ideas

Here are some great photo outfit ideas taken by some other amazing photographers that I adore.

Side note, I'm a sucker for rocker attire, leather jackets and ripped jeans!

This outfit would be best in fall, but if chill, and relax is what you want to go for during a winter photoshoot, I deff recommend to bring a nice warm jacket that you can throw on in between photos.

Love the hiking attire! If this is the feel you want to go for! Go for it! Both are matching in feeling, and it looks amazing!

The color mix here works out so well! And hats!

This is a great blend of warm, and dark colors, great looking boots, and yet, still not matching to a T! It creates for an awesome looking photo!

Black on black always makes for gorgeous moody and magical photos!

How cute is this! A coffee shop feel is always perfect!

Something like this is just too bad ass not to wear!

Location is EVERYTHING

I most likely have already picked out a spot, and if not, there is one thing I don't do. Neighborhood parks. Flat, green grass, nothing but buildings way out in the distance? How about gorgeous mountains out in the distance? Or a snow covered forest instead?

Schedule The Session Around The Sun

I also don't shoot while the sun is high in the sky, creating super harsh shadows. Sunset, sunrise, a little golden light, or foggy misty days are the way to go!