You are a Love Letter...

It's your guy's day, and you should have it customized to fit the two of you, and your love story. If a wedding with friends and family is more of your thing, than count me in to be your new best friend, your guide when you need help finding a venue, and of course, your photographer! I want to make sure that your wedding day is 100% unique to the two of you, so choosing your wedding package is part of creating your day however the two of you want it to be.

About Krystalle

Romance seeking, steam leaping, grass between my toes loving,... I am a wild child. I love wild hearts, passion, art, and people. Yup. People. The thing about me is, when I look back into the past, or try to remember a person, I always look to photographs to help me relive the moments, the feelings, the smell, the sound of someone's voice. That's where the passion of photography really came into play. Now you know what really brought my love for photography on.

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I'm your guide, friend, and photographer

It's safe to say, we gotta click. I'm going to be with you all day, or maybe even multiple days! I think I'm pretty cool, and I'm always down for an adventure. Why do I care so much about being your friend, and wedding photographer? Because I believe 100% that the day is about the two of you, and your love story! Sometimes weddings are decided by family, and sometimes half of your wedding guests are strangers! So if having a friend as a photographer eases any stress, than that is what I am trying to achieve.

My Style

I want to make sure that I'm 100% the person for your day! That means some of your images will have a romantic, blurred affect, untraditional poses, and finding a gorgeous spot near your venue, it might mean I'm gonna ask you to run in your dress, I might get a little creative with your images. I feel my work is a little more on the fine art side, and an artists doesn't always plan everything out for their work, but goes with what feels right at the time.

What Do The Wedding Packages Include?


We'll start off with filling out a phone call, then questionnaire, then, the planning starts! We'll get to know each other, and if you decide on a little adventure, I'll put together a list of some places that seems to fit the two of you. In that list, I'll also discuss everything you need to know about permits, or road closures during off seasons. I'll be like your own personal little consultant! Got questions? I've got answers!


Personalized timeline: Stress? Stress who? Out the window! You'll know exactly what's happening and when. Unless you want to totally go with the flow, totally up to you! I'll let you know the best time of day for the best photos, and we can work around that. (In a go with the flow kind of way) But in my experience, weddings should have a solid timeline. Your wedding day isn't just one big photoshoot! It's YOUR day! Also, vendor research and recommendations!


Travel fees: None. Whaaaaat? Yup! Don't worry about it! I've got all of New England travel fees covered!


Free Engagement session within 1.5 hours of Worcester , MA! This engagement session is 1-2 hours long, and you'll receive a minimum of 7 images

Pricing & Packages

Package 1

2 day wedding. What is that? If you want a traditional wedding, but still want to go on an adventure in your wedding attire, we can find an amazing location for a sunrise, or sunset session the day after your wedding! 8 hr wedding, 5 hour next day session.


Package 2

Full Day Coverage - This is typically 8 hours. I'll capture you writing your vows, putting on your tie, to your first look, your vows, your food, and your getting down and partying!


Package 3

6 Hour Coverage - This is great for if you don't need getting ready photos, and you want to focus more on the party part of the night instead!



Will there be a second shooter?

I have a handful of favorite second shooters that I can add on to your day! (Full size weddings only) This is great if the two of you are getting ready in two different places, at the same time, or if you just want more images! Mostly I have a second shooter only for 6 hours.


Do you accept split payments?

All of my packages are paid with split payments. 30% required upfront to book your date. This is a non-refundable retainer after 30 days of booking.

Can we add more hours, or another day?

Of course! If you're booking two days, but want more than 4 hours on the other day, we can do that!